Sorry I haven’t posted in ages…. I’ve been reallyyyy busy!

So yesterday morning me and my mum hosted a coffee morning at our church and it was amazing!! We made loads of cakes and bacon butties and raised loads of money for Macmillan cancer support. So many people came, and everyone had a great time! We raised about £370!

I also had a games table with guessing the weight of a cake and pinning the cherry on the cake.

Sadly I haven’t got any pictures of the event or cakes but everything was absolutely delicious! We made lemon drizzle cake, coffee and walnut cake, chocolate brownies, cupcakes, tea bread, rock buns and much more.

I had a really good time raising money for a good cause and everyone else who came did too. It got really busy and by the end there was hardly any cake left!

We sold the rest of the cakes at church this morning and some people who couldn’t come yesterday gave donations too so we raised about another £40… That’s just over £400!!

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Hi guys!

It’s thelovelyjubblyblog , welcome back and hi if you’re new here!

Today I thought I would show you my travel bucketlist, because there are so many new places that I would like to visit. Also, I love travelling and seeing new things, so I have been very excited to do this post!


I have always wanted to go to New York, and I love the sound of it! I have seen loads of pictures of it and every time someone talks about it, it makes me want to go more. I think that the atmosphere would be absolutely amazing, and I love a city break. This would be a great place to explore.


Ok, is it just me, or do the Northern Lights look soooo pretty?! I know they aren’t technically a place, but anywhere where you can see them will do me! They are so magical – I would love to get some really good photos and have that amazing experience of seeing them.


I have already been to Italy before, and it was definitely one of my favourite places. We went to Lake Garda for 5 years in a row and are going next year in Summer, but I have never been to Rome. I think it looks really nice and I would really like to explore all the little back streets and see the old fashioned side of the city, as well as the modern bits.


I think that this island is just gorgeous! It looks so pretty and I would love to be there. I have also been to Greece before, visiting Kefalonia and Corfu, and they were beautiful, but I’ve never been to this island. I have seen many pictures and it looks so cute! Again, I would love to see all the little back streets and get some good photos.


Well, these just look stunning. The experience of being there and seeing them would be so good, and you would never forget that trip. They look breathtaking, it would be so good to see them. They are located in Ontario, which looks really nice too to explore.


The Grand Canyon looks amazing! It looks very impressive, and again, having the experience to go and see it would brilliant – it’s definitely on my list! The views would be amazing, and the photos you could get would be great. It is in Arizona, another US state, and that would also be great to have a look around in.


India just sounds so great and I would really, really like to go. The atmosphere would be amazing, and the people there seem very welcoming. There are also loads of things to do and places to go, and I would love to ride on an elephant! Overall, India sounds like a wonderful place and I definitely want to go.


Finally, Iceland is such a beautiful country. I have seen pictures and I would love to go as it looks really nice. There are the extinct volcanoes and things like that to visit, and I’m sure that this would be a wonderful place to go to. It looks like a great place to wander around too, and the experience of going would be amazing.

That is everything on my travel bucket list, hope you enjoyed this post! Have you got a travel bucketlist?Have you been to any of the places on mine?

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Hey guys!

It’s the last day of my holiday today 😞 That also means that this will be the last one of these posts, so YOU will be super sad! (Only joking!) This morning I had to get up a bit earlier for packing. And guess what.. it was raining. We have been really lucky though, because the weather was great in the first week.

On the last day of our holiday, it is traditional that we go to Green’s for a bacon buttie as breakfast. This holiday, we did try to carry this on, but there weren’t any tables in Green’s! We went to Baldry’s again instead, and seen as the bacon buttie I had yesterday was so good, I had one again! It was just as good!

After that, we had a look around in some shops . There was also the farmer’s market that was on so we looked around that. It wasn’t very big but it had quite a few stalls.

Then we went for a cake. We decided that as we were on holiday, we didn’t care that it was only the morning and we had just had our big breakfast so we would still eat a cake. We went to a cafe called Mathilde’s. I had the chocolate love cake, and it was chocolate cake with coconut on top. It was really nice!

Then we went to the bookshop and I spent ages in there! I love books so I bought 2. One was called ‘Running on empty’ by ‘S. E. Durrant’ and the other was called ‘The boy who hit play’ by ‘Chloe Daykin’. I started to read a bit of them both, and they were so good I found them both hard to put down!

Then guess what, we went for another drink. It had quietened down in Green’s so we went there, and I got an ice-cream! I had vanilla and it was yummy! I didn’t feel so bad for eating a cake and ice-cream in such a short time though, because we didn’t have any lunch.

Then we went back to the car, left Grasmere and drove to Keswick. But the food’s not over yet! I had my second and last ice-cream of the day. I just had to get a Luchini’s, and it was still the most amazing ice-cream ever.

When I had finished we went to Rohan because I had to pick up a top that I ordered from the sale. I already have one in a slightly darker blue than this one so when I saw that there was another one I was so excited! It’s really comfy and soft and great for winter. It’s like a jumper/long sleeved top sort of thing and I love it!

After that, we went to the Cornish Bakery for a pasty because we weren’t sure if we would get any tea. I had a sausage role and it was a-ma-zinggg!

So that is how I spent the last day of my holiday: food, cake, shopping, ice-cream, ice-cream, shopping, food! I have had the best time in The Lake District, and I really hope that you have enjoyed reading my blog. I’m also sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday!

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It’s my last day tomorrow 😢 I have had really good time though on my holiday in Grasmere, and I can’t wait for our next visit!

Today it was raining a bit, so me and my mum went for our last swim in the pool. It was really nice but there were quite a few other people in. It’s only a small pool so once about 5 or 6 people are in it gets quite crowded. We also went in the sauna and the jacuzzi, and the sauna was really hot!!

After that, we decided to go for some dinner so we went to Baldry’s. We normally go there but we hadn’t been yet on this holiday so we had to go there! I had a bacon buttie and it was excellent! I also got a banana milkshake and that was yummy too. Then we just had to have a cake, so I had the chocolate cake and it had maltesers on top. It was delicious!

Then we went back to the cottage and the rain had stopped a bit so we decided to go for our last walk of the holiday. We walked up a road called red bank road, down to the path beside the lake, along the lake shore, past the river and then in a big loop back. It was really nice and not very busy as it was a bit later. I also wore my new walking boots and they were super comfy!! When we were coming back, we also saw a deer! It was really cute but I couldn’t manage to get a very good picture. We also saw a lot of sheep and they looked like they were posing for us!

Then we had some tea and walked around the village. I hope I have a good last day tomorrow… don’t forget to come back to see what I do!

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Hi guys!

Still tired off yesterday! 😪 I still had a really good time though and I’m glad I did it. Click here to see what I did.

Today we are having a total rest. The weather isn’t amazing so we have driven up to Keswick to chill. Originally, we were going to do a walk, but then we couldn’t be bothered!

I was on a hunt for a pair of new walking boots, because my old ones just aren’t big enough anymore. I also have REALLY BIG FEET! 😩 I’m sure there are other people worse than me, but I’m only young and I’m a size 9 now in walking boots. Most of the ladies boots only go up to a size 8, so now I am in men’s boots. I got some really nice blue ones and I’m really happy because I thought I’d have to get some I didn’t like as much because it’s hard to get them in bigger sizes.

We went for some lunch in a cafe called The Wild Strawberry, which is the sister cafe of Emma’s Dell (we went there on day 3 so check that out!). It is the same menu, and I had the same thing! It was called The Italian Job, and it had meatballs in it and a tomato sauce. I had a different drink though, I had the vanilla milkshake and it was delicious!

After that, eventhough it was cold and raining a bit, I had an ice-cream. I got it from Luchini’s, one of the best ice-cream places everrr!! I had vanilla with a flake and it was amazing! I only had one scoop but I got loads 😋🍦

Then, we went to a shop called George Fisher’s, and we spent ages in there! First of all, we had a really long look around – I found it a bit boring 😂 – and then we went for a drink and a cake. I had a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of pink lemonade, and it was sooo good! I really liked the lemonade, and the cake was absolutely yummy!

Then we went to a shop called Rohan. We go in there a lot but it has really nice walking clothes and they are also really comfy. It just got all the new things for the season in aswell so we had a look at those.

I had a good day today resting and I can’t wait to see what I do tomorrow. Come back tomorrow to find out! See you soon!

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I’m really tired after today! I did the Fairfield Horseshoe. It’s a reallyyyy long walk and I have walked 15 miles! You go up the first mountain, then walk along the circular ridge and come down of the last mountain. Altogether, you go over 8 peaks! There are a lot of ups and downs along the ridge and it’s a really challenging walk. When we were on top of the highest mountain – Fairfield – it was very hard to stand up as it was SOOOOO WINDY!! I had my wooly hat on with my fleece hood up and my waterproof hood up! Sorry there’s no picture of the horseshoe, it’s really hard to get one. This is the best 👇

The 8 peaks are: Low Pike, High Pike, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Nabscar.

The views all the way along the walk are absolutely amazing! You can see almost everything in the Lake District and the surrounding area, and we were so high up that when we looked down on some of the mountains I’ve already been up before, they looked tiny! We also saw a bit of Grisdale Tarn, which is where we were on Wednesday, and we saw the caves and loughrigg terrace, which is where we were on Tuesday.

This walk is also where the fell runners ran when it was Ambleside Sports, and I honestly don’t know how they did it! It was really tough walking it, never mind running it in a race! I think the person who came first in the race took about 1hr 30mins, and it took us the whole day!

I loved doing this walk and it was a really big achievment for me. Hopefully tomorrow, I will still have a really good day, but a bit more restful! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more! Also, sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, I ran out of time after my long day!

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Hi guys!

Yep, it’s raining again!

Today we went to the beach! It’s called St. Bee’s and it’s really nice. It’s not sandy it’s all just pebbles and stones but it’s still good. The tide was in and it’s not really the weather for sunbathing! The big coast-to-coast walk starts in St. Bee’s so we did a short walk for 40 mins along the coast path, and eventhough it was raining, it was still a nice walk.

There’s also a cafe called Hartley’s and it does really good food. I had a chip buttie and it was huge!! It was really good though and the chips were delicious. I also had a diet coke ice-cream float.

After we had done the walk (and got soaking wet!) we went back to the cafe for a cake! It was really nice and I had a frosted brownie. I also got a vimto ice-cream float and I thought it was better than the coke one.

I had a great day today and I’m sure I will tomorrow too. How was your day? Don’t forget to come back tomorrow!

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